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Program of visits from Educational Centers

To date, the Visiting Program of the Albacete Research Institute of Informatics has allowed hundreds of students from dozens of schools in Castilla-La Mancha to learn first-hand about the scientific activities developed at the I3A; as well as the possibilities that computer science can offer them as a profession, and to society as a whole.

The visit lasts approximately an hour and a half, in which the students are divided into groups and tour the different sections of the building in parallel. In each section, one or more researchers will be waiting for them to give a 10-minute presentation on a topic related to their line of research. This initiative is possible thanks to the involvement of the various research groups that make up the I3A, providing entertaining and interactive presentations, adapted to the level of primary and secondary school students.

PDF of the I3A visit program 2023-24 (in spanish)

Item GrupoDeEnlacesVisuales

Autonomous drones
Facial and gesture recognition
Interfaces to the future
Social robots
Internet of Things
Hacking people

Program of visits from Educational Centers


  • RAAP: Jesús Jover Alfaro/ Celia Garrido Hidalgo/ Luis Roda Sánchez/ Sergio Ruiz Villafranca/ Carlos Medrano Navalón/Raul Galindo Moreno/ Rafael Casado González
  • RETICS: Enrique Arias Antúnez/ Jose Antonio Mateo Cortés Enrique Arias AntúnezJose Antonio Mateo Cortés
  • ISE: Gabriel Sebastián Rivera/ Felipe Costa Tébar/Belén Luna Lorente/Lucía Polo Martínez
  • SIMD: Jorge Daniel Laborda Sicilia/ Luis González Naharro/ Pablo Torrijos Arenas/ Luna Jiménez Fernández/ Miguel Angel Cantero/Pablo Moreira García
  • LOUISE: Alejandro Moya Moya/ María Elena Pretel Fernández/ Luis Fernando Zhinin Vera

A photographic report of each visit is generated and shown on this page, and is transferred to the visiting institute so that it can be freely used in their outreach activities. Information is also published on the ESII website, the DSI, and social networks.

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