Institute of Technology and Information Systems Ciudad Real

As a result of the experience and performance of their research, some ITSI members have transformed their knowledge into innovative IT companies that provide services nationally and internationally. ItsI houses these Spin-Offs, further facilitating the integration between research and industry..

  • DQTeam - Data Quality Assessment and Improvement.

    DQTeam SL, is a spin-off of the Alarcos Group of the UCLM whose objective is to provide the following services based on international standards:

    • Gestión de Calidad de datos en repositorios de datos
    • Gestión de programas de gobierno de datos - Basados en nuestro MAMDv3.0 (Modelo Alarcos de Mejora de Datos)
    • Consultoría y auditoría para la evaluación y mejora madurez de los procesos de gestión de datos, gobierno de datos y gestión de calidad de datos
    • Formación en Gestión de Calidad de datos y Gobierno de datos.


  • Furious Koalas Interactive LTD.

    We provide high quality services in the areas of Gamification, Serious Games, Simulation and Computer Vision. With more than 15 years of experience in R&D projects in the Oreto and Artificial Intelligence and Representation (AIR) research groups, Furious Koalas offers professional services in the context of the design, development and deployment of interactive solutions.