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Credit recognition

As provided in the Verification Report of the Degree in Journalism, a maximum of credit recognition can be obtained:

  • Recognition of credits completed in official non-university higher education: 54 ECTS.
  • Recognition of credits acquired in own degrees: 36 ECTS.
  • Recognition of credits acquired for accreditation of work and professional experience: 36 ECTS.


Guidelines to apply for ECTS recognition:

  1. Read carefully the UCLM Regulations on the recognition and transfer of credits before starting any procedure and the specific registration guide.
    • Undergraduate registration guide: recognition, transfers and adaptations | Download
    • UCLM Regulations on the recognition and transfer of credits | Download
  2. Fill in the credit recognition application form, specifying all the information required. This form can be requested at the Student Management Unit, or downloaded through the webpage, in the section Other procedures. All the programs submitted must be duly stamped by the university of origin.
  3. The deadlines for submitting the documentation are:
    • The recognition/transfer of subjects and elective credits of university activities will be requested within the official enrolment period, using the official model provided in the Campus’ Academic Management Units.
    • The recognition of credits for work and professional experience for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees shall be requested together with the enrolment, being the maximum term September 30. The Centre’s Commissions will review the applications received and will prepare their reports, which must be sent before October 31 to the Commission for the Reform of Degrees, Study Plans and Transfer of Credits.
    • To adapt to a study plan, the application should be made within the period indicated in the Academic Management Unit, where the corresponding form to be used will be provided. Keep in mind that this procedure must be made before the enrolment. The Commission for Credit Recognition and Transfer will resolve the applications submitted in two periods: the first two weeks of November and the first two weeks of December.
  4. Students will be informed in writing through the web (access to academic record) and through ordinary mail.
  5. Any questions about the credit recognition application procedure can be made to Jesús Monasor Monteagudo (Student Management Unit): Jesus.Monasor@uclm.es