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ccording to the Ruling of 04/04/2016 of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, on delegation of responsibilities of the Chancellor for different matters and institutions, the Vice-chancellor for Finance and Planning oversees:

  • Responsibilities in the strategic planning area, including statistics and monitoring of the contracts-programme.
  • In general, as many powers granted to the Chancellor in financial matters and in the field of planning by the legislation in force, the University Statutes and other regulations that result from applying this.
  • The responsibilities, in coordination with Management, in university budget matters and its financial policy.
  • Signing agreements related to management of university budgets and signing, if applicable, contracts-programme.
  • Authorization of the financial management of the works and activities carried out under the protection of article 83 of the Organic Law for Universities and number 170 of the University Statutes by means of a collaborating institution when this management is not going to be done internally by the university services themselves.
  • Responsibilities related to the provision of moveable and immovable infrastructure, as well as authorization of the corresponding administrative contracts for carrying out the works and corresponding supplies regarding these infrastructures.
  • Approval of the expense files and payment orders related to the provision of infrastructures referred to in the preceding section.
  • In general, all responsibilities in administrative hiring matters related to the infrastructure programme which, as an institution responsible for hiring, corresponds to the Chancellor, except  approval of the documents with special and technical administrative clauses, which are delegated to University Management.
  • Responsibilities which correspond to the Chancellor regarding the heritage and university property. Powers to accept donations of literary, technical or artistic  works ( such as paintings, sculptures, recordings, lithographs, etc ) created by the students in the respective university centres of  Castilla-La Mancha that may, in some way, mean an increase in university heritage, are delegated to the deans and  managers of the university centres.
  • Responsibilities corresponding to the Chancellor regarding internal control of the university, except that relating to  instructions for accounting responsibility files and referral of  accounting procedures to the authorized bodies.